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it was pretty good

i liked your style of animation.

but you use too many filters (glow, blur, drop shadow,etc.) at once.
this causes the lag and choppyness.

otherwise, it was a good piece.

Lesbian-Waffles responds:

Yeah I'm tryin to work on a way around that with out sacrifiving quality...i loves me filters.

That was amazing

I Loved the style of animation and the animation flowed perfectly. i cant wait for the rest of the episodes.
Keep it up!


That was one messed up story.
Graphics were good
Sound - music was good, but u use bitch too much. and sometimes the talking hurt the ears.
Violence - lots of blood, so that was good
Style - your flash was very.... original. WHere you came up with this idea, only God knows.

Overall it was pretty good. lol KFC

Bulortio responds:

no no no, I used 'bitch' that much because... uh.. the.. .the symbolic.. uh, the metaphoric.......
yea I used it too much. OHH WELLLL.

as for where I got the idea from, you'd be surprised what a tree will tell you if you lick it enough... and in the right... spots.

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Except that for some reason. it would not let me log in. I had to log in using guest

Great Tutorial!

I have been looking around forever for a good tutorial for FL.
Yours really helped me understand the basics and understand the playlist. It was very well made. Great job

Great game!

i loved it! it was a pretty fun game.

my only suggestion to you is to:

put "next" and "back" buttons for the instructions, it really annoyed me waiting so long.

other then that, great job!

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i really loved it for some reason. It just reminded me of a bunch of times when i went clubbing with friends. Great job! love your style

DaGrahamCraka responds:

yay! thanks :D

i loved it

i loved how you didnt use a synth. i really enjoyed it.

Hating4AM responds:

Thank you. I was planning to use synth and guitar and make a full song but I went a little drum nuts I guess lol.

Pretty Good

It was pretty good. it sorta pumped me up.
Good job

Hating4AM responds:

This song is my pride and joy. It's the most complete and elaborate song I've ever done and could not have been possible without the guitar work of Ryan Imondi.

Thank you for your review.

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