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it was pretty good

i liked your style of animation.

but you use too many filters (glow, blur, drop shadow,etc.) at once.
this causes the lag and choppyness.

otherwise, it was a good piece.

Lesbian-Waffles responds:

Yeah I'm tryin to work on a way around that with out sacrifiving quality...i loves me filters.

That was amazing

I Loved the style of animation and the animation flowed perfectly. i cant wait for the rest of the episodes.
Keep it up!


That was one messed up story.
Graphics were good
Sound - music was good, but u use bitch too much. and sometimes the talking hurt the ears.
Violence - lots of blood, so that was good
Style - your flash was very.... original. WHere you came up with this idea, only God knows.

Overall it was pretty good. lol KFC

Bulortio responds:

no no no, I used 'bitch' that much because... uh.. the.. .the symbolic.. uh, the metaphoric.......
yea I used it too much. OHH WELLLL.

as for where I got the idea from, you'd be surprised what a tree will tell you if you lick it enough... and in the right... spots.

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Great Tutorial!

I have been looking around forever for a good tutorial for FL.
Yours really helped me understand the basics and understand the playlist. It was very well made. Great job

Great game!

i loved it! it was a pretty fun game.

my only suggestion to you is to:

put "next" and "back" buttons for the instructions, it really annoyed me waiting so long.

other then that, great job!

Was a pretty good tut.

I noticed a few errors in the Blam/Protect Levels section.

In several, you made mistakes for how many b/p points it takes to get there.

level 19 - should be 14,000 NOT 13,000
level 22 - should be 19,500 NOT 17,500

but other then that, its was great!

Medinus responds:

Yes, I'll change these as soon as I can, I've been quite busy, thanks for the review ^^.

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i really loved it for some reason. It just reminded me of a bunch of times when i went clubbing with friends. Great job! love your style

DaGrahamCraka responds:

yay! thanks :D

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